Clarinox is an innovative company, always monitoring for the next emerging market - the next incremental step in embedded systems and wireless technologies.

Clarinox can provide the backbone to cater for a myriad of wired and wireless embedded applications through future proof products and customization services.

The ClarinoxSoftFrame multiple platform framework and wireless protocol software covers many processors, many RTOS, many wireless.


ClarinoxSoftFrame is our software development framework for embedded systems. It provides the necessary infrastructure for the embedded software engineer to develop on desktop and move to a smorgasbord of choice of embedded targets; with minimal knowledge of the real-time operating systems. This facilitates the seamless integration of Clarinox supported technologies and provides enhanced debugging and protocol tracing capabilities.


ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth protocol stack software provides the same simple API on a number of desktop and embedded platforms creating savings in application development, debugging, maintenance and porting time. Clarinox Bluetooth solutions are robust, portable and support multiple simultaneous connections/applications.


ClarinoxWiFi WiFi stack for WLAN implementations. Clarinox has implemented IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n 2007 Revision. Integration of WiFi into ClarinoxSoftFrame software framework enables ease of development and debugging benefits.


ClarinoxGPRS/3G is our AT command set and dictionary implementation. Data and voice communication solutions based on either GPRS/3G chip or module hardware and including both client and server side software. Like other Clarinox software the ClarinoxGPRS/3G suite is compatible with the ClarinoxSoftFrame architecture so providing the option of a large range of embedded platforms.


ClarinoxScan is our RFID middleware implementation. Our modular approach enables application development based around generic Clarinox software and hardware building blocks ; including server, reader, tag, RF amplifier, Modulator Demodulator, Diode Level Detector and antennae. Clarinox covers 13.56MHz passive and 2.4GHz active RFID technologies.

Hardware Reference Designs 

Clarinox has expertise with PCB design and has a number of proven wireless designs that are available as a reference design.


Clarinox is experienced with the full electronic product design cycle; for both embedded software and hardware development. The years of experience with wireless technologies is extensive. This expertise has been used to assist our clients in a range of ways; from design reviews, through turnkey project development, to qualifications and certifications. We work as an extension to the engineering teams of our clients to relieve the requirement to dedicate resource to the wireless subsystems.